Many people with limited mobility or chronic health conditions are struggling with regular exercise. What if we could sparkle minds with amazing virtual reality, designed to make exercise for body and mind fun again? That is our passion: to stimulate physical and cognitive training, for those who need it most!

According to the World Health Organization, 3 million people die each year as a result of insufficient physical activity. People with limited mobility and those suffering from chronic conditions or sedentary behavior can benefit most from physical training. Same for seniors living in nursing or retirement homes. However, many of these people are not motived to exercise. What if we could contribution to healthy exercise by using the latest virtual reality technology?

Just imagine people with physical challenges enjoying a biking tour through a forest, full of birds and beautiful flowers. Seeing your diabetes patient smile, as he gently rows down a river in a gorgeous canyon. Can you imagine the boost this gives to physical and cognitive activation? We can and we do. In fact, it is why we started HumanXR. 

With e-health gamification we help clinics, elderly care residences and health institutes to sparkle the minds of their clients and promote physical and mental training. Our immersive serious games support healthy aging, help rehabilitation and provide relief and activation for people coping with chronic diseases and disabilities.

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Virtual reality targeted to people who need it most.

Easy to use virtual experiences designed to surprise.

A turn key solution to start with virtual reality in your clinic.

A team of experts with 25+ years of experience.