Exercise becomes fun, for everybody! Because HumanXR launches New Horizons for clinics, elderly care residences and health institutes in Europe: a Virtual Reality Exercise Platform designed for training body and mind.

People with limited mobility and those coping with chronic conditions or sedentary behavior can benefit most from physical activity. Yet most people with health challenges lack motivation to exercise. To address this global challenge, HumanXR has developed New Horizons. With New Horizons, users can cycle, row, pedal or handbike in 1.000.000 square meter of virtual scenery full of nature, animals, lively villages and friendly community dwellers. In this virtual world, it is easier to forget physical limitations or pain, which might limit exercise.

New Horizons uses professional VR equipment, yet it can also be enjoyed using a normal TV setup. Also existing floorbikes can be connected. To help engagement, a virtual coach provides directions and users are rewarded vitality points. As extra cognitive challenge, users receive a bonus for searching and finding special items. Meaning exercise for body and mind, simultaneously!