As you could read in one of our previous blogs, we are working on the development of the new version of our VR platform, which is even more focused on stimulating exercise, including the possibility of cycling through a 3D, stereoscopic landscape. Behind the scenes we work hard under the leadership of our VR designer Daan and our technical brain Marco. In this blog we show you what it takes to develop a solid VR experience. The most important thing for us, of course, is that the user ultimately enjoys moving around in an immersive VR experience, rather than just riding a bicycle in front of a boring TV screen. In this way we stimulate more and longer healthy exercise. So we pay a lot of attention to the details and the interaction.

Did you know that?

Our renewed VR platform consists of six of these VR-experiences. Each area can be compared to an enormous landscape with its own atmosphere and unique flora and fauna. Each area has an area of no less than 2.5 km². In addition, each area contains 10,000 hand-placed assets! That is why it takes months for a team to design such areas. The areas contain a lot of nature, and research shows that this gives the user a soothing and calming feeling. For example, we give people with physical limitations the opportunity to cycle outside again. Something that many (older) people can no longer easily experience.

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What else is there?

Each area has a fixed starting point where the user can choose between three paths. This is an extension of our previous platform, where we only had one path. The paths have been carefully laid out, so that every time a new surprise appears on the horizon. The paths differ in length (500m, 1000m and 2000m) on go across land but also across waters (with a pedalo water bike!). The animals in the world are also interactive and look for their own food and their own way. So you can meet them everywhere and that also looks like nature in real life! Along the way you will discover special places, meet people and with applause and encouragement you will be able to push your boundaries.

How does it work?

When the user starts, he or she is randomly placed in one of six areas, including a winter area, a beautiful desert landscape or in various colorful wooded environments. The user can move through an area using our e-bike, or with a sensor connected to existing fitness equipment. But you can also use the motion controllers. So you can practice both arms and legs in your VR ‘training’. The user then chooses a path and can enjoy his outing in nature and the interaction with the environment.

virtual reality platform development movement humanxr2

Now you might wonder how long it takes our team to develop such product. In the meantime, we have been working full time for 4 months on the new VR platform. Our team is also busy adding multiple interactions that can take place in addition to cycling. At the moment we are working hard on the delivery of the first beta version. This will be tested extensively in different settings and in different countries (Netherlands, Italy, Denmark and in the Middle East). With all the feedback, we strive to build an extraordinary VR experience. And with that, to contribute to healthy and fun exercise regardless of age, even for people with some chronic conditions or disabilities.

In the following months we wil keep updating you about all the developments! Keep an eye on our blog and Social Media to see what we are up to! Are you interested or do you have any questions about our VR platform, send us an email at