This year we will launch the renewed version of our VR-platform which will have an even bigger focus on interaction and movement. To accomplish this, we are going to work with a smart floorbike that will give the opportunity for users to bike easily through our VR-experiences. But if there is already a fitness floorbike available, we will make sure that it can be used with by using a simple sensor. What else is going to change?

Easy to use

Marco, co-founder and our CTO, focuses on implementing motion recognition of the controllers and the smart floorbike in the renewed version. It is important that the client will be motivated to keep moving in the VR-experience and is able to do new actions in game form. The floorbike and the VR interaction will be designed the way that it can adjust the acceleration to the capacity of the client. With the help of machine learning the computer is able to recognize the moving patterns of hands and arms. This can be used in the virtual world.

smart floorbike virtual reality for movement humanxr

Besides this the usability of the total platform is very important. The renewed platform will not need continuous supervising. This will give care institutions more space to implement it, because it needs less supervisors.

Engagement of the user

Our VR Artist and Developer Daan Spinder is working on expanding the design of the VR-experiences with a focus on enhancing the entertainment levels of the experience. The engagement of the user is of big importance for us. There will be more possible routes and new elements than in the current platform. We made a conscious choice for more abstract version of our platform with diverse landscapes with happy colors, beautiful objects, more movement, more animals, flowers and of course… more interaction. Just like the real world: made to experience!

developing vr worlds humanxr

Screens of our VR-experience that we are developing right now. 

We want to use the renewed platform to reach an even bigger audience: people that can benefit from moving but are not able to this / don’t want to do this.

In the following months we wil keep updating you about all the developments! Keep an eye on our blog and Social Media to see what we are up to! Are you interested or do you have any questions about our VR platform, send us an email at