In my previous blog I have talked about the development of the idea for HumanXR. This time I had the chance to speak to Niels, co-owner and commercial director of HumanXR. Niels is responsible for a the commercial activities of HumanXR.

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Over a year and a half ago, Niels contacted Han, co-founder of HumanXR, after he had read a about the innovative and social purpose of our start-up. Han and Niels didn’t know each other (although their partners appeared to be working together as second line healthcare professionals). Niels asked Han if it would make sense to have a chat. Not much later Han and Niels setup a meeting and talked about their ambitions and (potential) roles within HumanXR. It was a hit. They talked about the collaboration with Marco too, and Niels became part of the team. Because of the perfect complementarity and good teamwork, Niels has become co-owner of HumanXR by now.

At this moment Niels has the honor to work together in the field with innovative care organizations to build and learn about using VR in healthcare. This helps us at HumanXR to develop meaningful and valuable VR content that is needed in healthcare: Niels is in daily contact with care professionals. This is how we work on our goal to make VR available on a broader scale for people that need it the most and how we try to get more care institutions to embrace this technology.

Our VR-platform


After making and testing the various VR experiences, we have developed VR experiences dedicated to the elderly. These experiences all together form our Human XR VR-platform. A total package that gives elderly mental and physical stimulations, but also relaxation. How does it work? Our platform gets installed in a nursing home. After a short training, healthcare professionals can use it themselves to get the elderly out of their daily routine and have a different, enriching experience. Various international research papers show that VR can enhance the quality of life of the elderly this way.


We want to create social impact with our platform by helping as many people in need as we can. At this moment we are researching the use of VR for elderly with dementia. The first promising results are already there and we are continuing the research. Besides that, we see a lot of opportunities in using VR for rehabilitation. That’s why, amongst others, we have our platform in the biggest rehabilitation hospital of the Middle-East!

We cannot wait to create as many smiles as we can, because that what everyone deserves. We are curious for what the future will hold. Stay up-to-date and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Désiré de Vries
VR Consultant