During the last two days HumanXR, together with Vivantes, has demonstrated the potential of VR for elderly care at the Dutch ‘Waardigheid & Trots’ conference. This conference brings together people and initiatives which are aiming to alleviate the physical and mental issues associated with old age. Caregivers had the chance to experience the HumanXR platform and reacted very enthusiastically to it.

Drs. Tom Brandsma, Adviseur Zorgvernieuwing, said “I believe Virtual Reality (VR) can motivate older adults to perform more physical exercise. In addition VR can offer effective cognitive distractions for people suffering from pain. In my opinion, VR is very promising and could make a great contribution to improve the quality of life in the care for the elderly”.

Other comments we heard:
“A really great experience!”
“I really got the feeling of being away for some time…”
“I believe this will definitely work for elderly people!”
“I am curious how this will impact the behavior of people with dementia.”
“it gives me a very comfortable feeling.”
“Amazing what the possibilities are today for people who need it most.”