At HumanXR we strive to create great virtual experiences for those in need, especially elderly people who can no longer travel as they used to. While many of our experiences are real-time computer generated (synthetic VR) for mental and physical stimulation, we often mix them with video-based and picture-based sources.

For someone experiencing VR for the first time or not being able to fully use the Motion Controllers due to physical limitations, video and picture-based experiences may be easier to deal with.

While there are many sources of 360 videos available out there, it is not easy to find high-quality content at a proper price and with a clear user license agreement. In this landscape, VideoBlocks, together with its sister company AudioBlocks for high quality audio, stands out as one of our favourite go-to services.

For this reason we were particularly pleased and positively surprised to have been mentioned in a recent blog post by VideoBlocks. Here is what they wrote about HumanXR:

Human XR is using VR footage to provide senior citizens with experience that they can no longer have. Imagine the excitement when a bedridden grandmother is able to go on a walk through the forest. Imagine the look on your grandfather’s face when he gets to go back to the city where he proposed to his wife—all through virtual reality. From providing senior citizens with therapeutic experiences to allowing them to relive moments from so long ago, Human XR is using VR for good.

Thank you very much guys for the shout-out! And please keep up with the good job on your high-quality video and audio material.