Counting smiles 

To put it simply: we are happy when we positively impact the quality of life of people that are suffering. Suffering from pain, loneliness or boredom. Or lack of mobility, social isolation or inspiration. Because we believe that virtual reality has the potential to dramatically impact care in a positive way.

'Never thought I would be able to fly a hot air balloon. But I did! Great experience!'

'Felt like I could walk like years ago. I even managed to walk uphill in the forrest!'

'Nice to experience that you can really look around. It feels like being somewhere else.'

Effectiveness of virtual reality (VR) to improve quality of life is gaining ground fast. VR is even used as therapy by professionals working in rehabilitation, exposure therapy, pain treatment, mental training and many more. Growing numbers of residential care centers, pain clinics, hospitals and rehabilitation institutes are embracing this new technology. We believe we are witnessing the birth of an entire new spectrum of treatment options. And while we don’t dare to claim that our VR experiences are a medical treatment for your patients, we believe they may improve the well-being of people of all ages by bringing relief, distraction and activation.

Virtual reality targeted to people who need it most.

Easy to use virtual experiences designed to surprise.

A turn key solution to start with virtual reality in your clinic.

A team of experts with 25+ years of experience.

We will continue to develop sparkling virtual reality experiences based on needs of caregivers. Upon request, we can develop customized environments for specific target groups. We do what it takes to make meaningful virtual experiences for those who need it most!

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